Stake Pools Retiring in Epoch 215

The sun is setting on another epoch, and we have 19 stake pools retiring in less than 24 hours. Two of the Stake Pool Operators are taking down 11 pools between them (6 for CMAN and 5 for ROBOT). Given that between 0.75% to 1.5% of pools have closed up shop in each of the last three quarters we suggest you keep a close eye retiring pools. We expect by the end of the year (within the next 24 epochs) things will start to settle down, especially when the small stake pool cooperation code comes out.

Make sure you go and delegate your stake to a new pool before the end of the epoch so you don’t lose out on rewards!

CMAN4CryptoMan Stake Pool219e518fef19494da1507317c1a171bf6402387bb48ecdd789689c07
CMAN5CryptoMan Stake Pooldc9b71a7a58b954db4419dce75ba025f8b50c50d11d2a6a3aec864d3
CMAN6 CryptoMan Stake Pool 7ad66560a0110f6f5e47c95d87d6f8d61c3ef4c03dbe02127f784a88
CMAN7 CryptoMan Stake Pool f1a77751dcfee6792f6e25f1257092aa18c98e0137e9a6a5c4f993d6
CMAN8 CryptoMan Stake Pool c5e74a2157b9c78c7c5333755b55732b45518941d2501bf7d74dea6d
CMAN9 CryptoMan Stake Pool 7e59e521d13e75c60f80e6702675adc63c8713766e5cd73b5feede92
CHKN2 The Chicken Pool 2eee291899d6d173b8ce806d3bc0ba770e04f53f2fe1b79e94ac3f85c
CHKN3 The Chicken Pool 3 3b8638e978411d866ec0e95dc6e2271d708d635aa337f1b7335ddf6d
GATOR deleGATORS 5b5aeaa881036e31825784f881143def97c4b06b723123a90ad8c009
GREED GreedPool b1f9e39b8bc6acc4a93e0ef3ecaa0f38d4e5972cb657974b25316c9d
ROBOT ROBOT f74566cbdda85f4c7c11452275c03835a9ec18ccc61ee183c19a932c
R1BOT ROBOT 36a108e7d46c7d48bdee39ba5a11ae487c488cddfc2314495cf5b6a5
R2BOT ROBOT 9223c5cc890cbf3e37a2a53d4b8d2c76623039f697bdea025937685a
R3BOT ROBOT bb6f03e67961f642e0299606d4b7316284d8319bfc3fb29d7c449563
R4BOT ROBOT 4491d2771964b45ed9a8e15417e723b73bb1b9d2a61d3955d9178849
JOEY JOEYSTAKEPOOL b5df8e46ddd27cb70d854f54a41089cd3a7b40eb5ed829236d2ee756
NIRV Nirvana Pool 8f97ed3ad2b116019becc46ed3e18a02c2ec280d8d45803c1f592a2c
CNL Cardanostakepools NL – 0% Fee 67d4544f83a501f16d3d5f238845f0372b8465cc1ab33005bdce776d
2SORT 2SORT c5aefe9e3b48efccb2f856521983b4b2772b51ae9b418bcfe006edbd
Stake Pool Details