Cardano pools retiring at end of Epoch 214

As we once again approach the end of another Cardano staking Epoch, some stake pools are retiring. We wanted to keep you aware in case your in HODL mode and “letting your stake ride” since the last thing you want is to find out you missed out on staking rewards because the pool you were using retired one or all of its nodes.

The list order is from the Daedalus wallet when the slider is set to stake 10 ADA, obviously not alphabetical so read the entire list to ensure your pool isn’t included. We also include the stake pool ID in case the operator has multiple tickers.

TickerPool NamePool ID
DEZNTDezentstaking Austria8a1ab06f3a8c823b7111955c287efbe3c96ad9a68aa2359832e0bc30
ARCHArchimedes Staking Pools6b3fda88053dc2cee18a7c2736f032182fcc78a2fe912e869aa4edcd
CLIMBAdaClimb Stake Pool9f82e933a6b8ee495147bee8d590dbb3763c6f21afe5f7e8064d846f
LTESLet Them Eat Stakec7c165821808622fd0303b3fd580cf612742fe1a996b48f565a5376c
ABCBlock ABCd0d8e5c2dfb06296b20071fd7365224d13d6e79cdfa4510d4ed315b4
Pools retiring end of epoch 214

Make sure to delegate to a new pool before the end of the epoch. If you appreciate these notifications you can donate ADA to the address below, or better yet save your ADA and once our pool is open stake with

Stake Pool Details