Welcome to part 2 of 2 of post on CCIO’s configuration. It’s time to discuss security. This post is not […]
Part one of a two part series. Covers infrastructure, decentralization efforts, relay peering. Part two in series will be
Image of sunset with orange and pink clouds on the skyline
A list of the stake pools and pool id’s retiring at the end of epoch 214.
Highway road sign that says "Retirement Just Ahead"
A list of the stake pools and pool id's retiring at the end of epoch 213.
A quick breakdown of the Cardano Update from 2020/08/27.
Short post about EMURGO video about current proposals for multi-pool delegation.
Root Login Disabled There is no good argument for root being directly accessible via ssh. You can login to any […]
The TL;DR about why the ChainCrucial.io pool is not available on the mainnet yet.
EDIT 09/19/2020: This post has been updated as it was linked to the new Part 2 of 2 Infrastructure, Decentralization […]
Stake Pool Details

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