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Welcome to part 2 of 2 of post on CCIO’s configuration. It’s time to discuss security. This post is not a guide on implementation but an open discussion of how we configured our security and suggestions for other operators. Some sections link back to past blog posts which discuss the security suggestion in more detail […]
Part one of a two part series. Covers infrastructure, decentralization efforts, relay peering. Part two in series will be
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A list of the stake pools and pool id’s retiring at the end of epoch 214.
Highway road sign that says "Retirement Just Ahead"
A list of the stake pools and pool id's retiring at the end of epoch 213.
A quick breakdown of the Cardano Update from 2020/08/27.
Short post about EMURGO video about current proposals for multi-pool delegation.
Root Login Disabled There is no good argument for root being directly accessible via ssh. You can login to any user via ssh and then switch user to root if you have its password. Setting PermitRootLogin no And restarting sshd service will block loging in as root via ssh.. Disable Empty Passwords Just like there […]
The TL;DR about why the pool is not available on the mainnet yet.
EDIT 09/19/2020: This post has been updated as it was linked to the new Part 2 of 2 Infrastructure, Decentralization and Security post so I decided to include Asciicast recordings. Click the Show More button to access the recording. You can pause the recording and copy & paste directly from it too. Even though we […]
Stake Pool Details